Skin tags are harmless growths, and as many as half of all adults may be affected. The tags cause no complications, but they may be bothersome and lower your self esteem. Of the many at-home removal techniques marketed, some are more effective than others.

If you need to improve the condition of your skin, getting rid of imperfections and different skin conditions, use Acegr. It offers advanced treatment to handle even the toughest, most stubborn growths. It is safe and easy to use, giving you quick and pleasuring results. You can enjoy your glowing skin again with Acegr cream.

Key benefits:

Ingredient blend

The ingredient blend of Acegr is very intensive and gives you fast-acting and effective topical treatment.

Skin tags

Тhough what causes skin tags isn’t always known, the treatment of Acegr is straightforward - they are easily removed with no irritation.

Acegr cream

Using Acegr, it also nourishes the skin, providing smooth hydration with a fast-absorbing formula.

About Acegr

Our product is safe for the skin, without side effects. Applying Acegr, it softens and makes the dry patches disappear, leaving the skin soft and supple.

One more thing

Acegr removes skin imperfections in a natural way. There are no harsh ingredients that can irritate your skin further. The formula is a mix of natural essential oils and herbs.

Made of:

Removes skin tags and other imperfections

Natural product with powerful ingredients

Safe and effective solution

Fast absorbing cream

Easy to apply

Price: € 17.99


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